Aero Tec Laboratories Ltd (ATL) manufactures composite bladder devices and fluid transfer systems for Racing Cars, Aircraft, Space Craft, Defence Vehicles, Submersibles, Marine Craft and Industry. ATL’s fuel cells are crash-resistant, explosion-suppressant and extremely lightweight, offering the customer performance gains alongside major safety improvements.

ATL is the world’s leader in Fuel Cell Design and Technology, supplying every Formula 1 team.

With ATL’s ongoing development into high performance fabrics and complete fuel system products, it’s also the sole supplier to championships and formulas, such as the BTCC, WTCC, DTM, WRC, GT3, GTE, LMP2, Super GT, Super Formula.

Founded in 1970, ATL has transformed from being a design and testing facility for ‘flexible composite’ materials, to fabricate its own outstanding fibre/elastomer composites and products.

ATL has further spread its technologies into compensators, accumulators, potable water vessels, self-healing ballistic tanks, bulk storage bladders. This led to the development of ATL’s remarkable bladder-type cells, which deform under high-energy impacts.

ATL’s flexible fluid containment bladder tanks are suitable for holding fuel, water, oil, chemicals, waste material, powder and gasses and can be supplied with highly sophisticated liquid transfer plumbing and equipment.

The common thread among ATL’s products is the remarkable toughness and durability, coupled with extreme light-weight, high flexibility and compactness.