Base Performance

Base Performance Simulators (BPS) provides simulator packages tailored to the needs of any driver from its base in Oxfordshire. The company was created by double Le Mans winning Aston Martin works driver, Darren Turner. With many years of experience in developing cutting-edge Formula One simulators, Darren has a unique insight into the science of racing simulation. BPS has two specialist simulators on site for hire - the full motion BPS4.8+ single seater and the BPS GT simulator, alongside manufacturing bespoke simulator systems for teams and individuals around the world. The BPS facility can also be used for unique corporate and private events.

Base Performance Simulators (BPS) provides simulator packages tailored for teams, drivers, professionals, amateurs and corporate initiatives.

Motor racing is one of few sports where practising your discipline is highly restricted due to the cost and limited circuit availability. With limited time in practice sessions on a real track, using a simulator on a regular basis allows drivers to have covered the basics of both car and circuit, allowing them to just focus on the finer details in the real car and giving them one step ahead of the competition.

A simulator will never replace real track experience but it does enable drivers to utilise that precious time.

BPS uses its extensive knowledge of simulation to create bespoke solutions to suit any style of racing, car type or installation space. It works with their customers to come up with something to suit their needs, whether that is a system for high-volume event use, supporting a manufacturer program, or a luxury specification to be situated in a well-appointed home.

BPS also hire simulators. Its simulators are an immersive experience, which is always available, always warm, dry, with no need for insurance, fuel or tyres. Sessions can last from two hours for a first-time taster, through to discounted whole-season packages. It aims to provide teams and drivers with the technology they need to get the results they want. This is why, after five years of development of the BPS 4.8 single-seater simulator, it has invested in a state of the art six degree of freedom motion system to complement our own technology. This fully immersive experience uses visual, audio and physical cues to provide the sensations of a bespoke racing car. BPS’ experienced simulator technicians staff every session to exploit the benefits of this opportunity, and to provide drivers with the seat time and driver data you need.

Also available for hire is the BPS GT. Based on a real GT car, closed car drivers can experience an even more realistic drive in the BPS GT. Using a real GT chassis provides not only more representative visuals, but also a more comfortable environment for drivers, some of which may have never driven a single-seater before. Equipped with two seats, the driver coach or engineer has the option to instruct from in-car to make sure drivers make the most of every lap. After a run drivers can relocate to the BPS GT control room to complete their data analysis.

BPS also provide bespoke events for businesses entertaining clients or rewarding colleagues, individual gift experiences or even drivers activating their sponsorship. No racing experience required!