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At Classic Fuel Solutions the detail matters and that is why only the finest, most technically advanced, performance fuel is supplied!

It’s true to say that when it comes to deciding the right fuel to put in your racing car, it’s the detail that matters. Here at Classic Fuel Solutions we recognise this and that is why only the finest, most technically advanced, performance fuel is supplied. With the right ingredients, attention to detail and fuel range consisting of Supreme-High Octane Ethanol Free and Premium-Ethanol Free Lead Replacement, it’s the small changes that make the performance difference. As part of the Star Fuel & Motor Oil Company, Classic Fuel Solutions is consistently raising the bar, backed up with technical support and track side service. Consistently dyno, track tested and in-line meeting MSA regulations the results speak for themselves.

Supreme-Classic Motor Sport-102-107 Octane

Our Supreme high octane leaded racing fuel has been developed to provide outstanding performance in and for all aspects of classic motorsport. With 102 and 107 Octane fuels, ethanol free-protecting against moisture damage, preserving vale seats, clean and fast burning designed for high compression engine. Formulated to provide optimum power at continuous high RPM, married with an increased shelf life. Supreme is an alkylate petrol with small quantities of Tetraethyl Lead {TEL}. The addition of the TEL boosts octane increases the performance and efficiency of the engine when used in high compression engines. With our dedicated technical and trackside support, this once again demonstrates our commitment to you.

Premium-100.1 Octane

Our Premium lead replacement fuel has been specially designed to deliver the performance your vehicle is capable of, whilst preserving and protecting the engine. With endless benefits comprising of, preserving valve seats just as they were by leaded fuels, protecting fuel systems and being 100% ethanol free-protecting against moisture damage married with reducing pinking and vapour locking. Classic Fuel Solutions bespoke Premium fuel is ready to use, formulated for all classic cars and motorbike, backed up a shelf life of 3-5 years.

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