Montlhéry return for record-setting Voisin

28 July 2016

The second LGHA historic meeting at the Montlhéry speedway in September will see the return of a car the Voisin set 17 speed records at the circuit. The 1927 Speed Record Voisin will be among a quartet of 1920s race cars from the pre-war French luxury brand of Avions Voisin to appear at the meeting on the Autodrome de Linas- Montlhéry, 20 miles south of Paris, on 24th-25th September.

The 210bhp Voisin, created by aviation and automotive engineer Gabriel Voisin, took a clutch of speed records on the steeply-banked circuit in 1927, including a 24 hour record which it raised to 114.2 mph. At the end of the 24 hours it kept going for a further three hours, capturing 3,000 mile and 5,000 km records in the process.

The record car will be joined at the LGHA meeting by one of only two C1 Competition models, built in 1921, along with an example of the C3, which took the top three places in the 1922 Strasbourg Grand Prix, and the monocoque-based aircraft- inspired 1923 C6 Laboratoire which most recently ran at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. All four have been provided by Peter Mullin, owner of the Mullin Automotive Museum in Oxnard, California, where they now reside.

The LGHA meeting expects to attract around 200 competition cars and motorcycles, along with a large number of historic club vehicles which will all be permitted to drive on the track at the close of the meeting on 25th September.


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