Moss’s Magnesium ‘Knobbly’ set for race return

28 July 2016

The Lister Motor Company is to make a second 10-strong edition of its Lister Jaguar Knobbly continuation model, celebrating F1 driver Stirling Moss.

The first 10 cars, based on the original works racing Knobblys built by Brian Lister in the 1950s and featuring magnesium bodies, were launched in 2014 and have now all sold out, resulting in the second edition which will be built to the same specification as the car raced by Moss to victory at Silverstone in 1958. As well as the magnesium shell with its distinctive low-drag long front wing design, the sump, clutch and differential will also be made from magnesium, encased within a tubular steel chassis. While Lister Jaguar Knobblys are raced in historic events today, none of the magnesium-bodied works cars have survived.

Each car will be finished in the green and yellow colour scheme of Moss’s 1958 race car, and include a solid silver plaque bearing its edition number and Moss’s engraved signature. Lister says the cars will be able to be supplied in either road or full race specification with an FIA HTP passport. Prices will start from £1 million.

Laurence Whittaker, who acquired the Lister Motor Co in 2013 with his father Andrew, said that those who get to own a Stirling Moss edition will be getting a period-correct continuation ‘works’ Lister made using the same techniques as the original.

“As magnesium is such a difficult-to-source material and requires incredible skill and craftsmanship to form, the Lister Jaguar Knobbly Stirling Moss edition will be the only magnesium-bodied car you can buy – either as a road or racing car – anywhere in the world,” he added.


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