Video: A history of women in motorsport

31 October 2016

Women have been paving the way and leaving their mark in the world of motorsport for generations; from engineers and designers to team managers and drivers.

That’s why we’re always thrilled to see, share and create content that celebrates the many milestones and achievements women racing drivers have reached, and continue to surpass in motorsport which is still classed as a male-dominated sector.

The video below is an awe-inspiring glance into the past, offering a brief yet comprehensive insight into the successes of just a handful of the many female competitors who have made history in motorsport.

The video revives a duel between Kay Petre and Gwenda Stewart/Hawkes at Brooklands in 1935; the moment then enthusiast Jean Mortimer heads out for a spin in a 1946 newsreel; and a clip of Tanya Crouch stock car racing at Harringay in 1955. The video finishes on footage of a race at Shelsley Walsh in 1957 featuring Roberta Cowell, who is also an early pioneer in transgender history.


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