Deep Sanderson 301 heads to auction

14 January 2017

Coys are sending 50 classic and sports cars under the hammer today (Saturday 14th January) at Autosport International in Birmingham, including a rare “Mini-based special”. 

The auction features a selection of grand prix, competition, touring and rally vehicles, including a 1996 Porsche 993 Cup (estimated at £120,000 to £220,000), a 1964 Marcos 1800 GT ex-Roger Ealand multi-Championship winning car (£40,000-£50,000) and an ex-works 1998 Honda Accord raced in the British Touring Car Championship by Peter Kox (£50,000-£70,000).

One particular car that caught our attention was a 1963 Deep Sanderson 301 Coupe – chassis number 1003. Chris Lawrence was renowned for building Formula Junior chassis since 1959, for his victory in the Freddy Dixon Championship driving his Morgan TOK 258, and for his special preparations of Triumph engines.

Lawrence decided to create his own car, the Deep Sanderson, which made its debut at the third Annual Racing Car Show in Olympia from December 30th 1961 to January 6th 1962. Chassis number 301-1’s sister car, 2 ARX, later competed at Le Mans in 1963 and 1964.

Expert in historic competition motor cars and former owner of Prototype 301-1, Guy Loveridge, said: “The 301 coupe is a rare, Mini-based special.

“It still features the ‘Lawrence-Link’ trailing arm rear suspension, which means it will display ‘vague’ characteristics on the straight but will be precise in the bends.

“It can certainly have a competition future as 301 model raced in the UK, as well as at the Nurburgring and Le Mans. However, you could argue that Ogle and Marcos/Jem are a more competitive and cost-effective proposition.”

Loveridge added: “Chris Lawrence tried to match what he had learned with his FJ racers and apply it to a ‘mini GT’ – that’s why the 301 and 302 became know as the GT 36 as they were even smaller than Ford’s all conquering machines.”

The DS 301 coupe is expected to sell for up to £40,000.


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