Crosslé launches new single-seater

6 February 2017

Crosslé Car Company will unveil its new single-seater racing school car at Historic Motorsport International (HMI).

Held at London ExCeL, from 23 to 26 February 2017, HMI is a new pre-season gathering for everyone involved in historic motorsport.

Getting involved in historic motorsport can be frustrating and expensive, without guidance from others with the know-how required, according to Crosslé.

That’s why the Classic Racing School aims to offer the magical experience of competing in a classic car in France – starting on the legendary Circuit de Charade – without the pitfalls of owning a venerable race car.

Central to this is a new single-seater racing school car from Crosslé, to be unveiled on the constructor’s stand HM141 at 13:00 on Thursday 23 February. Developed specifically for the Classic Racing School, the design brief was to build a new car that would:

• Visually and physically resemble classic Crosslé single-seater designs from the late 1960s and early 1970s.
• Enhance original designs in terms of safety, environmental impact and reliability, without the restrictions of historical authenticity.
• Operate dependably in a race school environment, with the focus on adaptability and ease of use by multiple drivers.

The result blends period lines with modern convenience in a new car that targets an unexplored niche in historic motorsport – a reincarnation of a car from the golden age in racing brought up-to-date, yet built entirely by hand.

A display of five Crosslé cars on Stand HM141 will include some of the prettiest sports racing and Formula single-seaters from the sixties and seventies, alongside unique archive material from the world’s oldest factory of its kind. Two more Crosslés will be in action on the Grand Avenue that forms a live and central feature of the whole show.

Company owner Paul McMorran said: “Historic Motorsport International is the perfect platform to celebrate our 60th anniversary, and to launch a car that represents a new direction for Crosslé. I believe this will capture the imagination of show visitors, and we’re delighted to welcome Julien Chaffard and Morgan Pezzo of the Classic Racing School to share the excitement.

“I’m also thrilled that the factory team will be joined at HMI by both Caroline and Henry Crosslé, daughter and son of our late founder, whose active involvement, support and enthusiasm we greatly value.”

Image courtesy of Crosslé Car Company


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