Goodwood releases timetable for 75MM

17 February 2017

The 75th Members’ Meeting (75MM) is fast approaching and, with plenty of on-circuit action to look forward to, Goodwood has released the official timetable for the weekend event.

An array of international sportscars from the 1970s are set to take to the Goodwood Motor Circuit for a high-speed demonstration at the traditional season-opener, while an all-new race for French and Italian pre-war Grand Prix and Voiturette machines has joined the roster.

The 75MM will also celebrate the return of the S.F. Edge Trophy, named after Australian-born British businessman and race driver Selwyn Francis Edge, as well as some of the most competitive touring cars ever to hit the circuit, 30 years after the inaugural World Touring Car Championship (WTCC) took place in 1987.

What’s more, the 75MM will feature a full grid of Lister sportscars going head-to-head in the all-new Scott Brown Trophy. Celebrating 60 years of what is arguably Lister’s most famous model – the ‘Knobbly’ – 30 Listers, including those powered by Jaguar and Chevrolet units, will go wheel-to-wheel.

The long-awaited timetable for the 75th Members’ Meeting, taking place on March 18th to 19th, can be found below. Please note that all times are provisional and subject to change.

Saturday 18 March 2017

07:00hrs Car Parks Open
07:30hrs Event Opens
08.30hrs Chiddingfold, Leconfield & Cowdray Hunt run the track
09:00hrs Official Practice: Derek Bell Cup (15 mins)
09:25hrs Official Practice: Gerry Marshall Trophy (30 mins – two-driver)
10:05hrs Official Practice: Weslake Cup (15 mins)
10:30hrs Official Practice: Brabham Trophy (15 mins)
11:00hrs Spectator Grid Walk
11:25hrs High Speed Demonstration: 3-Litre Sports Prototypes (10 mins)
11:45hrs Official Practice: Hailwood Trophy (15 mins)
12:10hrs Official Practice: Scott Brown Trophy (15 mins)
12:35hrs Official Practice: S.F. Edge Trophy (15 mins)
13:00hrs Official Practice: Graham Hill Trophy (30 mins – two-driver)
13:45hrs High-Speed Demonstration: GT1 (10 mins)
14:05hrs Official Practice: Varzi Trophy (15 mins)
14:30hrs Official Practice: Pierpoint Cup (15 mins)
14:55hrs Official Practice: Surtees Trophy (15 mins)
15:25hrs High Speed Demonstration: Group A Part 1 (10 mins)
15:45hrs High Speed Demonstration: Group A Part 2 (10 mins)
16:15hrs Race 1: Derek Bell Cup (20 mins)
16:55hrs Spectator Grid Walk
17:30hrs Race 2: Gerry Marshall Trophy (60 mins, two-driver)
18:30hrs Track Closes and Evening Entertainment Commences

Sunday 19 March 2017

07:00hrs Car Parks open
07:30hrs Event Opens
09:00hrs Race 3: Weslake Cup (20 mins)
09:40hrs Race 4: Brabham Trophy (20 mins)
10:25hrs Race 5: Hailwood Trophy (20 mins)
11:05hrs Spectator Grid Walk
11:25hrs High Speed Demonstration: Group A (10 mins)
11:40hrs High Speed Demonstration: Group A Part 2 (10 mins)
12:05hrs Race 6: Scott Brown Trophy (20 mins)
12:45hrs Race 7: S.F. Edge Trophy (20 mins)
13:25hrs Spectator Grid Walk
13:40hrs High Speed Demonstration: GT1 (10 mins)
14:10hrs Race 8: Graham Hill Trophy (45 mins, two-driver)
15:15hrs Race 9: Varzi Trophy (20 mins)
15:55hrs Race 10: Gerry Marshall Sprint (15 mins)
16:30hrs High Speed Demonstration: 3-Litre Sports Prototypes (10 mins)
17:00hrs Race 11: Pierpoint Cup (20 mins)
17:40hrs Race 12: Surtees Trophy (20 mins)
18:10hrs Track Closes
18:30hrs Prize Giving in The Great Hall


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