Replacement bodyshells for Mk1 Mini launched

14 February 2017

British Motor Heritage has launched what it describes as “long-awaited” replacement full bodyshells for the Mk1 Mini with production commencing in April.

The Mk 1 bodyshell was teased to the world at the Classic Motor Show in November 2016, where BMH claimed that “the response was universally positive”.

BMH detailed that it had commissioned additional tooling to “refine the finish and improve the build quality”.

The floors and sills of the new bodyshells have been made thanks to M-Machine as BMH admitted that the cost associated with retooling these items would have made the project unviable.

The later front bulkhead crossmember assembly has been used by BMH with the company citing it would have been prohibitive retooling for this non-visual. It recognised that a high portion of the demand for the new body shells would be for use in historic motorsport so chose not to form the rotodip hole in the rear seat squab.


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