Alfa Romeo showcases its racing heritage at Targa Florio

25 April 2017

Alfa Romeo showcased its racing heritage in Sicily, Italy at the weekend at the world’s oldest automotive race, the Targa Florio.

Amongst the cars at the race were Alfa Romeo racing models from the 1960s, including an Alfa Romeo Giulietta SZ, Giulia Sprint GTA, Giulia Sprint Speciale and a 1600 Spider Duetto.

About the Giulietta SZ (1960)

Driven by Roberto Giolito, Head of the FCA Heritage Department, the Giulietta SZ showcased it ‘cut-off rear’, disc-type front brakes and tapered nose, offering efficient aerodynamics that allowed it to reach 200 km/h. Under the bonnet, a 1290 cc four cylinder engine is capable of generating 100 HP.

The Giulietta Sprint Zagato racing model saw the panelling removed from the chassis, fitted it with a lightweight tubular steel structure and covered it with an aluminium body. The result was the SVZ, a more rounded, contoured car with greatly improved aerodynamic prowess that lent itself to success of the race track.

Giulietta SZ

About the Giulia GTA

The Giulia Sprint GTA, similar to the standard production ‘GT’, but a lightweight version. To create the racing model, the steel bodywork of the standard Sprint GT was replaced by ultra-light alloy panels and 14” magnesium wheels, cutting the car’s original weight by more than 200kg. A modified 1570 cc twin camshaft engine could produce 115 HP and a top speed of over 185 km/h.

Giulia GTA

About the Giulia Sprint Speciale (1963)

An evolution of the Giulietta version, the Giulia Sprint Speciale was designed by Franco Scaglione to be an extremely low, streamlined coupé with sleek, curvy lines. The Giulia Sprint Speciale is distinguishable by its absence of bumpers and large ‘shark mouth’ radiator and achieves an impressive performance; 113 HP and a top speed of 191 km/h.

Giulia Sprint Speciale

About the 1600 Spider Duetto (1966)

The 1600 Spider Duetto features an unconventional design with a low nose and tapered ‘cuttlefish bone’ tail. Boasting 109 HP and a maximum speed of 182 km/h, the Duetto became iconic thanks to its appearance in the film ‘The Graduate’, driven by Dustin Hoffman.

Spider Duetto

Starting at the Piazza Verdi in the capital, Palermo, the three-stage race passed through 305 kilometres of Sicilian countryside.


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