Gallery: Sonoma Historic Motorsports Festival

2 June 2017

Over 400 racers will take centre stage at the Sonoma Historic Motorsports Festival in California this weekend.

The Gold Medallion event returns to Sonoma Raceway with a 12-turn course, which opened in 1968.

Some of the world’s finest racing cars will take to the track, some of which date as far back as Pre-WWI. An incredible collection of race cars, including Bugatti, Lotus, Corvette, Ferrari, Jaguar, and Alfa Romeo, will test the twists and turns of this world-class road course.

Tomorrow night a select group of historic race cars depart the raceway under a full CHP escort and head to the town of Sonoma. The cars take a ceremonial lap around the Town Square before settling into the Plaza for public viewing.

The Gold Medallion Car Certification Program honours the car owners and racers who engage in saluting a period of time in motorsports history.


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