Lotus Elan 26R Le Mans Coupe recreation announced

18 August 2017

Ian Walker Racing has announced plans to build a small run of Lotus Elan 26R Le Mans Coupes for historic racing.

Ian Walker Racing will be building the cars to the same specifications as those designed to compete in the 1964 Le Mans 24 Hours.  The company’s founder, Ian Walker designed the original 26R coupe in conjunction with Colin Chapman in the early 1960s to take on the Thermal Efficiency Index class.

The car was based on the same chassis as a road-going Elan, but featured unique aluminium bodywork, uprated steering and suspension, and improving engine cooling. IWR’s recreations will be hand built using all new components, including alloy bodywork based on 3D scans of an original car’s Williams & Pritchard body.

The company intends for the car to be homologated for use in a variety of classic international historic racing events. The exact number of cars to be built will depend upon demand, but IWR expects to make between three and six of the Elan 26R coupes. The cars are set to be sold for somewhere above £200,000 not inclusive of taxes.


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