MSA relaxes impending roll cage regs for older cars

23 August 2018

The MSA has relaxed impending changes to roll cage rules in stage rallying to address concerns regarding their compatibility with older cars and difficulties in retrofitting the additional parts.

Regulations due for implementation next year would have required all vehicles first issued with a Vehicle Passport after 1 January 2019 to comply with new roof and windscreen pillar reinforcement measures. However, those requirements have now been restricted to models first conceived after 31 December 2005 on the basis that older cars have less raked A pillars that negate the need for reinforcement bars. Additionally, any vehicle issued with a Vehicle Passport or Competition Car Logbook prior to 1 January 2019 will be exempt from the new requirements.

The regulation changes recommended by Motor Sports Council and ratified by the MSA Board are as follows:

48.10.1. Have, as a minimum, safety roll-over bars a ROPS complying with K.1, Section K Appendix 2 Drawing number 5 or 6, and longitudinal door bars complying with K.1.3.5(b) (side sections K Appendix 2 Drawing number 9).

For vehicles first not issued with a Vehicle Passport or Competition Car Log Book prior to from 1st January 2019 – and of a make and model with a conception date post 31.12.2005 – the following additional members are mandatory:

a) Roof Reinforcement complying with K.1.3.5(c) and Section K Appendix 2 drawing number 10(a), (b), (c) or (d).
b) Windscreen Pillar Reinforcement complying with K.1.3.5(e) on each side if Section K Appendix 2 drawing number 63 dimension “A” is greater than 200mm.

Reason: Relaxation, to address concerns raised, for example older cars where addition of windscreen pillar reinforcement may cause issues with vehicle egress, and where typically less raked windscreen and A pillars permit a similarly less raked front hoop negating the necessity and purpose of the reinforcement bars themselves.

FIA regulations apply roof bars to cars homologated from 2005 onward, and windscreen reinforcement pillars to cars homologated from 2006 onward. MSA regulations do not specify homologated cars, however the model conception date in the proposal is deemed suitable to cover both members as it reflects the latter of these FIA dates.

Also includes a clarification that these regulations will not apply retrospectively to cars that have already had a VP or CLLB issued before 2019.



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