A celebration of historic V8 sports cars to be held in Anglesey

24 June 2019

A special celebration of V8 sports cars of the 1960s, such as AC Cobras, Morgan Plus 8s and Ford Mustangs, will be part of the Historic Road Sports Championship races at the Tom Pryce Memorial meeting at Anglesey on July 13/14th.

To mark the inaugural Historic Road Sports races at the North Wales venue,  the Historic Sports Car Club’ is aiming to bring a wide range of V8-powered cars to contest the double-header. Cars such as TVR Griffiths, Chevrolet Camaros and Sunbeam Tigers will race alongside the usual strong contingent of smaller-engined cars from Lotus, MG, Ginetta, Austin Healey, Triumph, Turner, Alfa Romeo and Porsche.

Championship Chairman Kevin Kivlochan said: “It is a move to encourage the V8s out and I’’d love to get ten of them on the grid at Anglesey. I’’ve never been there before but people tell me it’’s the perfect track for the bigger-engined cars to stretch their legs.”

Early V8 entries for the Anglesey races include Kivlochan’s AC Cobra, the Shelby Mustang GT350R of Larry Tucker and Neil Merry’s Sunbeam Tiger.


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