Prodrive creates new Legends group dedicated to restoration of its race and rally cars

27 November 2019

In the last 35 years, Prodrive has created some of the most iconic and important race and rally cars of all time.  With the increasing popularity of historic race and rally events, many of these cars are finding a second lease of life, with many being returned to the company that originally prepared them. As a result, the company has created Prodrive Legends dedicated to the authentication and restoration of its historic competition cars and is a direct response to a significant rise in requests from vehicle owners to verify the provenance of race and rally cars that Prodrive has constructed over the last three plus decades. There is also an increasing number of opportunities to race historic competition cars and a dramatic rise in values, especially for vehicles that have won high-profile events, fuelling the market for historic competition cars.

The programme, which only covers Prodrive vehicles, includes: a ‘fixed price’ authentication service that will verify whether a chassis is a genuine Prodrive car; factory specification engine rebuilds in Prodrive’s new powertrain centre in Banbury; and whole-vehicle work from servicing and race preparation to ground-up restorations to the original Prodrive specification.


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