Burlen returns to the Members’ Meeting

16 March 2017

Burlen Ltd, the world’s only manufacturer of genuine SU (Skinners Union), AMAL and Zenith carburettors, is gearing up for a show-stopping return to the Goodwood Members’ Meeting this weekend.

The Salisbury-based company will be showcasing its latest products and services at the famous Motor Circuit, including one exciting addition to the range, for the very first time.

According to the company, Burlen is putting the final touches on a completely game-changing SUi fuel injection system, which sees a fuel injection device work inside a carburettor. Burlen will debut a prototype at the 75th Members’ Meeting, which will be fitted to a Jaguar D-Type.

Full details of the new SUi product are still to be announced, although Burlen staff will be on hand to give show-goers a teaser of one of historic motoring’s most eagerly anticipated products.

It will display the full range of SU carburretors and spares with a special focus on racing to tie in with the Goodwood feel. In addition, there will also be some restored carbs for guests to feast their eyes on.

Burlen recently celebrated a record-breaking 2016, in which the company continued to demonstrate remarkable growth. By enjoying an impressive annual turnover of £5.2 million in 2016, it smashed its previous best records and its own start-of-year target.

Mark Burnett, MD of Burlen, said: “We are very much looking forward to heading back to Goodwood and setting up shop for the Members’ Meeting – an event that we’ve enjoyed immensely over the years.

“The first prototype of our SUi injection project will also be going on display for the first time, and even though it is still a work in progress, we’re more than happy to talk visitors through exactly why this is such a revolutionary product. We always love chatting to enthusiasts at the Members’ Meeting and invite all visitors to come and say hello and sample the very best of Burlen.”


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